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To Learn More About Fixing your Credit or Real Estate on Buying your dream home please Contact us
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What is best about our Company is that we are offering an a exclusive agreement to use us as your Realtor to buy your home.  And everything you pay towards fixing your credit will be credited back to you at closing up to $1000.00!

Team Members 

Our Story

At VR Credit Repair Tax Services LLC, our mission is to offer industry-leading services that you can count on for actual results. With specialty on Credit Repair, Tax Services, and Real Estate, we guarantee you commitment, dedication, and professionalism. When you don’t think your Taxes or Credit Repair issues can be handled on your own, we are here to help. We can help you buy that dream house you’ve always wanted or that car you believed you would never get. We make it happen! Opened in 2018, we have the best Credit Repair Specialist, Tax Expert Advisors, and Licensed Real Estate Agents to get you the best results. We take pride on going above and beyond, so no matter what the situation is, we’ll be there with you to help along the way. 

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Vanessa Santiago 
Licensed Real Estate Agent

Broker Lpt Realty

  • Licensed Real Estate Agent
  • Certified Credit Repair Specialist
  • Tax Expert Advisor,

  • Certified Credit Consultant

  • Certified Credit Score Consultant

  • FCRA Certified

  • Certified Public Notary

Vanessa Santiago is an accomplished entrepreneur from New York. She had a passion for helping others and knew making her own business was her way to do that. She has been a trusted credit repair and tax specialist since 2018 and has opened up her own real estate business with Lpt Realty in 2022.

Jose Cortes

  • Certified Credit Repair Specialist
  • Certified Credit Consultant

  • Certified Credit Score Consultant

  • FCRA Certified


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